Are Flexible Working Hours Suitable for Sales Employees?

Flexible working hours have been with us for a while now but many employers are still very reluctant to allow their employees to have them. It has been proven that sales teams that work this way are more successful than those that work from 9 to 5 every day. For one thing, the sales people tend to feel more motivated because they have some degree of freedom. The other reason they work is because it allows for sales teams to make sales when it is convenient for buyers.

Imagine this: your sales person goes to pay a visit to a potential buyer during the day but the buyer is too busy to see them, but tells them that if they can come back later in the evening and explain the product it would be more convenient. Your sales person meets them for drinks after work and they spend 2 hours together discussing your product and eventually they are able to make a sale. These are 2 working hours, not hours spent at home relaxing after a hard day’s work. Don’t you think it is only fair that tomorrow they should come into work 2 hours late?

When you allow your employees to make sales in with flexible working hours they are able to bring in much better results. They will be able to see buyers when they actually have time to listen to them, even on weekends. In case you are wondering how to pay your employees when they are on flexible schedules, the best thing to do is to have them on a fixed salary and then for every sale they make they earn a commission. The fixed salary doesn’t have to be much – it just means that on bad months – and there will be bad months – they are able to feed themselves.

Get your sales team today and ask them whether they would like to be on a more flexible schedule. They will most likely say yes. Explain to them how the whole thing works and make sure that they understand that they have to check in with the office at certain times. Keep in mind that for flexible working hours to work you have to invest in the right tools. Your employees need to be able to communicate on a regular basis and they should also have software that allows them to input the details of their sales when they are out in the field. The database they use should be accessible in the office so that you can track what each person is doing. You will soon see your sales numbers start to climb. 

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